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Student-Athletes Get a Personal Brand Cleanup and Learn the Impact One Questionable Social Media Post Can Have On a College Application

April 5, 2023 - Athletes to Athletes (A2A) announced today that all current and future members of their flagship college preparation program, the A2A Academy, will h...

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What is NIL?

NIL, or Name, Image, and Likeness is the policy enacted in 2021 that allows college athletes to earn money, specifically through leveraging their status as college athletes. You may hear NIL frequently described as “college athletes getting paid”, which gives the wrong idea that universi...

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Let's All Remember: They're Just Kids, and it's Just a Game

Student-Athletes have always been under an immense amount of pressure to perform. Whether it's scholarship money, playing time, or personal expectations that particular demographic seems to have a tougher time relaxing than most. The pressur...
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The United States Military Has Proposed a Plan to Offer College Athletes Scholarships for Service

The United States Armed Forces has seen the opportunity in the college athletics space, and they want in. Given the new opportunities presented by NIL, deals have sprung up all over the place for college...
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