about a2a academy

our  mission

Our mission is to provide comprehensive, non-biased college prep for all student-athletes who want to succeed on AND off the field in college. 

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about a2a academy

Our vision

Our vision is to change the way student-athletes think about the college decision process, focusing on best-fit schools that will help them develop into the best versions of themselves at institutions that encourage growth academically, athletically, personally, and financially. 




about a2a academy

our superpower

We've designed our program to seamlessly integrate both athletic and academic support into a cohesive and comprehensive curriculum. Unlike other companies that specialize solely in either athletic or academic guidance, we pride ourselves on offering the best of both worlds.

Our dual expertise empowers us to provide a holistic and tailored approach that addresses the unique needs of student-athletes, propelling them towards success both on the field and in the classroom.

The Service you  Deserve

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core principles at the a2a academy

be  the  example

Be a champion from start to finish. Own the journey.

work as a team, win as a team

It takes a full roster. We support each other.

For the love of the game

We’re here because we care and know that our work makes an impact.

Keep Training

We strive to be 1% better every day.

Have fun out there

At the end of the day, sports are supposed to be fun. Enjoy the journey.

People first

Everyone has something to offer. Listen. Learn. Respect.