Unlock your full potential both on and off the field by enrolling in the A2A Academy. Join the countless high school student-athletes who are seizing every opportunity to excel in their athletic pursuits and beyond!

academy curriculum

After working with hundreds of student-athletes, we've crafted a program that encompasses three main focus areas, with the essential groundwork for pursuing college athletics at its core.

Building an athletic foundation

Through personalized training and guidance, we focus on building the skills, discipline, and mindset necessary for success in the competitive world of collegiate sports. 

academy core curriculum - Academics & Admissions

In our Academy Core Curriculum, we place a strong emphasis on academic excellence and college admissions preparation. Beyond excelling in their athletic endeavors, we empower student-athletes to excel in the classroom and navigate the intricacies of the college admissions process.

College prep bootcamp

Our College Prep Bootcamp is designed to provide student-athletes with a comprehensive roadmap for success in college before they even set foot on campus. 

giving  Peace  of  mind  to  parents

We believe family time should be dedicated to creating memories, not stressing over the complexities of college admissions. Our team is here to support your student's journey, expertly navigating the intricacies of recruiting and admissions while you embrace your role as a parent.

Allow us to alleviate the stress of the college recruiting and admissions process, enabling you to focus on what matters most – creating lasting memories with your child.

Personal dashboard for tasks & program progress
PRIORITIZING "Best fit" programs & schools
Save time & money sifting through camps & showcases
focus on college major selection & career prep
College Financing Support with Leading industry Tools

Where  Our  Student-Athletes  Earn Their  Degrees

Curriculum details 

Explore a snapshot of the key topics we cover with our A2A Academy student-athletes.

College Prep
Program Onboarding

Get set up with your own personal dashboard and advisor messaging tool.

Recruitment Materials 

Learn and build a suite of recruitment materials, including video support.

College Athletics 101

Where can I play? How can I play? What are my options in college?

Coach communication

We teach you how to advocate for yourself and proactively connect with coaches.

Recruiting 101

How do college athletics work? What are coaches looking for? How do I get started?

camps & showcases

A detailed breakdown on how to determine cost vs value of camps and showcases.

college list creation

We use your personal priorities and values on AND off the field to create your personalized college list.

Course Selection

We offer recommendations on how to stay eligible AND maximize admissions options.

Testing Information

We provide testing timelines, ACT vs SAT info, and discounted tutoring services.

Career/Major Exploration

Combining aptitude and interest, we help our student-athletes identify top major fits.

College Research

Finding schools is one thing, know what to research to determine best-fit is another.

College & Supplemental Essays

We help our kids get the most out of their core college essay, as well as any supplemental essays that may be required.

financial aid

When do you file? What do you file? We answer that - and more - come filing time.

interview prep

Have an upcoming interview with a school? Test run with us first! 

Resume building

We help our kids get the most out of their high school experiences for applications.

College Search

We help our kids identify their priorities in a college experience, and how to search colleges for those priorities.

College Financing

We provide Industry leading tools to help families understand REAL college cost.

Summer Enrichment

What you do out of the classroom and off the field matters too. We help our clients find goal aligned opportunities. 

Application Bootcamp

Where the rubber meets the road, we walk our kids through the application process.

application review

Advisors will review applications with our kids to ensure their best foot forward on submission.

award letters/appeals

Once you get the big envelope in the mail, we can help you compare offers and know when to submit financial aid appeals.

College Prep
'forty vs  four' mentality

We emphasize the need to make the most of a college experience OFF the field. to ensure a successful career after sports.

college networking 

Athletes don't have the same freedom that full time students do in college, so we teach our kids how to network as an athlete.

Life / Sport balance

College sports are demanding. It's important to understand how to balance sport with school, life, and everything else.

Name. image. likeness

With the introduction of NIL opportunities for college athletes, we help our kids understand HOW one can leverage that opportunity, and what pitfalls to avoid.

Time  management

We pair our kids with an expert in priority/time management to create successful strategies in college.

financial literacy

For most of our kids, this is their first time managing finances. We provide simple budgeting tools and rules to help them adapt to their new normal.

Understanding & building credit

We teach our kids the basics of credit scores, credit cards, debt avoidance so that they leave college with the ability to finance their own car and earn their own apartment lease in a healthy way.

access to expert tools

College  financing transparency 

All A2A Academy students are provided access to their own MyCAP+ College Aid Pro account, providing industry leading transparency on personalized college costs.

social media support and wellness

All A2A Academy students have the option to connect their social media accounts to LifeBrand, a leading social media literacy and education tool to keep social media accounts clean for colleges and careers.

30+ hours

Average time an A2A Academy advisor spends in sessions with each student

38 Minutes

Average time a student spends with their school counselor 


Percent of A2A Academy student-athletes enrolled in college


National percent of students matriculating to college


Average cumulative scholarship amount for A2A Academy students 


Average cumulative scholarship amount for students nationally

calculate  the  cost  of  your  enrollment

transparent pricing

We believe in transparent pricing, ensuring you know precisely what you're paying for and the value the A2A Academy provides. We reject fear-based sales tactics and refrain from taking advantage of families.

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- As low as $333 a month
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Comprehensive Support: Your Personalized  A2A Journey

360° personalized program

Every student-athlete is unique, and we believe any advising program should reflect that. We focus on the individual needs of our students and mold our program to fit those needs.

Dedicated advisor

Nothing beats having a dedicated support structure for your needs. Schools have teachers, teams have coaches, and college-bound athletes have A2A Advisors.

tools & training

We don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk. Our team works with each student directly to help build skills and tool knowledge enabling them to get the most out of their opportunity.

on-demand resources

Our advisors can't be awake 24/7, and that's where our resources come in. Our students have access to a collection of learning materials that can be referenced at any time.