The Athletes to Athletes podcast gives listeners an inside look into the minds of athletes, proving they're more than just their sport.

Each week, listeners can tune in to hear from one of our guests discussing their journey through college sport or hear topical conversation about the intersection of sports and admissions.

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ryan  holmes

A former NCAA athlete and accomplished journalist, Ryan Holmes is referred to as the 'Voice' of A2A. Holmes has an innate ability to connect with people and uses the A2A podcast as a platform for guests to tell their authentic stories. 

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Jenna  burkert

2021 World Championship Bronze medalist Jenna Burkert shares insight into her career, being an LGBTQ+ athlete, dealing with extreme loss, and moving forward through adversity. 

ryan  clark

Super Bowl champion Ryan Clark discusses being undrafted, playing alongside some of the best defensive backs to ever step on the field, and guiding his son through the recruiting process, and more!

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Natalie Allport

Natalie Allport  is a former Canadian Olympic team snowboarder, CrossFit competitor, and advocate for both women's sports and mental health in sports. We got to hear her story firsthand on the podcast.