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There is NO  Downside!

"THERE IS NO DOWN SIDE. PERIOD. Knowing what I know now, there is absolutely no reason not to take this step. The access to our advisor's knowledge, experience, perspective, holistic approach, and passion for the player’s success was worth far more than anything we could have paid for it."

Structure,  Process,  Cadence

"A2A has done a great job of helping us use a

structured methodology for understanding what was really important in my son’s college career – both academically and athletically."

So much more than recruiting

"Our team's club does offer "recruiting assistance", but what you offer is so much more. Instead of an occasional email with general timeline information, you provided such a personalized experience, timeline, and more importantly ACADEMIC emphasis for our child"

A2A Had our Child's Best  interest at heart

Their availability to answer questions, explain processes, and give advice gave all of us a comfort level we never expected. There was never any doubt that A2A had our son's best interest at heart. We never felt pushed in any direction."

Helped us consider ALL layers of the college decision

"It seemed like every parent I spoke with had a different approach to the college selection/recruitment process that they swore by. And doing a quick Google search put me in touch with countless sites and services that were "guaranteed" to get my kid recruited. We had not even considered all the different layers to this huge life decision (academic challenges, geography, career path fit, etc.), prior to speaking to A2A."

Stress Relief for Everyone

"You provided a gift that we didn't even know we needed. The structure, the support, the resources were all ready to help us with anything we needed. It relieved the stress in our house between parent, child, and spouse."


Direction. Motivation. Clarity

"Direction. Motivation. Clarity. I feel like I know what I’m doing now, and know what I have to do to get things done. This is because the process now makes sense."

Everything  is for your Student's Benefit

"It was a very personal experience. Everything is for your personal benefit, and to help you. They helped me get a list of colleges together that fit what I was looking for."

My Advisor served as a Role Model

"Hearing from my advisor about their own experience in athletics helped me understand the importance of picking a school for more than athletics. My advisor had reached the highest level of college sport that I wanted to reach, and still spoke about their academics and personal experiences. That showed me it mattered in my decision."

I Didn't know what to  do  before A2A

"I didn’t even know what I wanted before meeting with A2A. I knew I wanted to play baseball in college. But I didn’t know what that really meant. And I didn’t know what I had to do to prepare."

Confidence when you commit

"If you really want to be a college athlete, and be confident when you commit to a college program, then this is the place for you."

Blending sports and academics

"This was the first time someone in my [sport] career where a coach talked me about something other than my sport. Coaches have told me that school is important, but my advisor was the first person to really talk to me about it and show me what it means to look at colleges for more than just sports."