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Mental Health Takes Center Stage at the College Football National Championship
In recent years the sports world has expanded their acceptance of mental health advocacy, but rarely are we given public examples of proactive mental health preparation.
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Austin-based start-up rolls out mobile platform that provides resources, tools, advising services, and access to athlete mentorship to help this generation of student-athletes prepare for the next 40 years of their life, not just the four spent in college.

Austin, TX - Jan 30, 2023 -Athletes to Athle...

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Jenny L’Hommedieu was a three-sport athlete in high school, playing field hockey, basketball and lacrosse. She was named a FHCA Member of Distinction in 2017, 2018, 2019 and earned Academic All-League and Academic All-Ohio honors. Her skill level brought her to St. Lawrence University to further her...

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The NCAA has taken immediate action to address the transfer portal. Since its inception, the main concern of coaches and administrators has been the unpredictability of transfer announcements. Athletes have been able to enter the transfer portal at any time, and in some cases that has caused a mass ...

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I was doing some reading this weekend about burnout in college sports and came across a great article that compiled a series of opinions from psychologists, coaches, and players. The entire series was fascinating and gave a great insight into how different positions view burnout and mental health in...

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