Why The NCAA Loves March Madness

Whether you watch basketball religiously or couldn’t name a single college player, everyone knows about March Madness.

The pinnacle of men’s and women’s college basketball, March Madness brings together 64 teams in a country-wide tournament where one loss means elimination. The high stakes for school...

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Dartmouth Refuses to Bargain with Men’s Basketball Team

Two weeks ago, the Dartmouth men’s basketball team made history by voting to form a union. This had never been done at the collegiate level, and has the potential to shift the very economy under which the NCAA was founded. If student-athletes are considered employees of the university, they will be ...

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Sucking the Fun Out of Youth Sports

Gift yourself these 17 minutes of perspective

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Dartmouth   Basketball  Lands  Victory  in  Union  Case

Earlier this month, the Dartmouth men’s basketball team successfully earned the right to unionize after the National Labor Relations Board ruled in their favor. While other college teams have attempted to unionize in the past, this marks the first time that a college team has successfully earned the...

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Mental Health Takes Center Stage at the College Football National Championship
In recent years the sports world has expanded their acceptance of mental health advocacy, but rarely are we given public examples of proactive mental health preparation.
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