Transfer Portal Regulation Courtesy of….Gambling?

This past football season saw yet another tornado of activity in the Transfer Portal. As of January, there have been over 1,000 players who have entered the transfer portal for football ALONE, and many of these players compete in the Power 5 conferences that play in what we call “bowl games”.

Bowl g...

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Temple University study shows how Black college athletes alter self-presentation to avoid biases

The experience of black athletes at PWIs, specifically Division FBS institutions, has been a point of conversation for decades. On many campuses, athletes are easy to spot and categorize based on their size or apparel. For black athletes, who can often make up half of the black population on PWI cam...

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Student Athletes’ Mental Health Has Improved, but Not for All

Each year, the NCAA provides a health and wellness survey for student-athletes across the country. A deep dive into the minds of student-athletes, this survey helps shine a light on a more concentrated college population which can frequently be extrapolated out into the general student body. Some in...

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A2A & Intellicents Partner to Provide Free Financial Aid Webinar for Student-Athlete Families
College Application season is upon us, which means Financial Aid season is upon us as well! Starting on October 1 for CSS Profile and December 1* for FAFSA, families can start to submit materials for college aid to get a full picture of college costs as admissions decisions are made over the next fe...
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State of Play 2023: Aspen Institute Annual Report

When it comes to youth sports (young children to high school), the Aspen Institute has begun to separate itself as a leading research group. With a passion for bringing “play” back to youth sports, the Aspen Institute strives to gather annual data from all across the country in order to better under...

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