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Northwestern Athletics - A Case Study

Earlier this month, The Daily Northwestern released an article detailing an independent investigation surrounding locker room culture within the Northwestern Football team. Initially, head coach Pat Fitzgerald was suspended for two weeks, but as more information came out surrounding the allegations,...

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College Sports You Never Knew Existed

At Athletes to Athletes, we tend to work mostly with NCAA student-athletes, with some specific club sports sprinkled in. That said, there are a LOT of sports out there.

The sports below have their own championships, and while they may not garner an athletic scholarship, they could certainly be a uniq...

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As college counselors, we’re always looking for ways to help our students explore their best-fit colleges. We all have different strategies to help our students get an idea of a particular school’s culture, and college sports have provided you with one of the more unconventional culture gauges in th...

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