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We talk about scholarships a lot. The cost of school continues to rise, wages don’t seem to keep up, and families everywhere are looking for ways to relieve the pressure of college costs. For as long as any of us can remember, athletic scholarships have been coveted achievements for all student-athl...

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Monday Motivation: Sports Are Awesome
We strive to provide a bevy of resources for families and counselors on the student-athlete experience, but sometimes it’s important to celebrate those moments that make sports so special.

This offseason, Eastern Michigan University released a video that featured one of their team captains donating h...

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Let’s Talk Balance - College List Balance

It may not feel like it, but it’s already here. Seniors are finalizing their college lists, preparing application materials, and will be submitting college applications by Halloween! For full-time students, this process is stressful enough. For student-athletes, the impact of the recruiting process ...

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The transfer portal has glorified transfer opportunities, but is it always the right choice?

College is a great investment. As the Frugal Athlete himself once told me, college is considered a “good debt” because the potential return on investment is much higher than the initial cost. I agree entirely...
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This article was written by a guest contributor, Amobi Okugo. Amobi is the founder of A Frugal Athlete, an online financial media platform that promotes prudent financial practices and smart career decisions amongst professional athletes and student-athletes.

As a high school student-athlete, there ...
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