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Why The NCAA Loves March Madness

Whether you watch basketball religiously or couldn’t name a single college player, everyone knows about March Madness.

The pinnacle of men’s and women’s college basketball, March Madness brings together 64 teams in a country-wide tournament where one loss means elimination. The high stakes for school...

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Sucking the Fun Out of Youth Sports

Gift yourself these 17 minutes of perspective

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Mental Health Takes Center Stage at the College Football National Championship
In recent years the sports world has expanded their acceptance of mental health advocacy, but rarely are we given public examples of proactive mental health preparation.
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Transfer Portal Regulation Courtesy of….Gambling?

This past football season saw yet another tornado of activity in the Transfer Portal. As of January, there have been over 1,000 players who have entered the transfer portal for football ALONE, and many of these players compete in the Power 5 conferences that play in what we call “bowl games”.

Bowl g...

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Temple University study shows how Black college athletes alter self-presentation to avoid biases

The experience of black athletes at PWIs, specifically Division FBS institutions, has been a point of conversation for decades. On many campuses, athletes are easy to spot and categorize based on their size or apparel. For black athletes, who can often make up half of the black population on PWI cam...

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